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What you find here springs from the mind, eyes, and heart of artist, writer, and coach, Jene’ Jackson, who discovered her WILD 37. Since then, she's been dedicated to integrating the wild into everyday life and inspiring others to do the same. She wanted to start with something we all love to wear...leggings.

Maybe a pair of leggings won't change the whole world...but they might change your day. A little rebellion can shift your perspective that extra special bit,
to bring change and transformation. Open to new opportunities. Feeling the power of a simple smile.

Jene' creates designs from her vision and art, everyday photography, urbex, and travels around the world, with regular new designs, capsule collections, and limited editions. Every design is 100% unique. (Read more about Jene’ and her first wild adventure here.)

“Why should art be confined to walls or museums? I want to infuse our everyday lives with wearable and practical art. When I go on a walk or trip, I take my camera to capture how the light shines through a fallen leaf, or a beautiful flower after it’s rained, or the beauty of a weed against the sky And then, I--and you!--can wear that beauty on our legs and dance it into the world. Amazing!"

Why Church of Wild?

Church because we believe in the sacredness of ordinary life, finding beauty in the mundane, transformation in the unnoticed.

Wild because we believe that light requires its shadow, seeking to integrate wildness into everyday life instead of denying or burying it.

The Church of Wild lives for you to embed art into your home with homewares and to inject sass into what you wear with the wildest spirit we can summon.

YoniFlower Apparel was born from that Wild spirit.

What’s wilder than the Yoni? There are all sorts of terms for the space between a woman's legs, from the scientific to the raunchy to the artistic. Hindus call it a yoni. Life-giving, a gateway, divine procreative energy, a sacred space, home, the source...a refuge and a catalyst. What better way to describe the impact of women in our world?

Yet we must face that throughout history, women have rarely controlled their yonis. Leveraged, Traded, and Sold. (Women of color still being treated the worst.) Controlled. Feared. Even demonized.

You stand up, you speak out, you lean big ways and small.

Every action--no matter its magnitude--adds up to push our world towards being one built for all people, women included. With YoniFlower Apparel, wearing a pair of leggings becomes one small part of this massive shift. Declaring ownership of your space with the beauty and grace of flowers--yoni-centered or all-over patterns--not only enriches your life but also inspires others to do the same.

Artist designed, custom made apparel. Bold. Supportive. Sassy. Elegant and fun. Photographic images often with soft-focused mystery. For women of every size and shape, even men yoni-ed in solidarity. When we use the word "women," we intentionally join with all those who identify with it.

We renounce fast fashion.

Your order is custom made, focusing on premium quality, sustainable production, durable products, and impact over perfection.

We’re committed to community.

We donate 10% of profits to end human trafficking and to lift up Black Lives Matter (receipts will be posted). We aim to find new and innovative ways to integrate the Wild into your everyday life.

Welcome to the Church of Wild. We're so glad you are here and look forward to walking this journey together.

*Though our suppliers continue to work to handle pandemic delays, outbreaks could still impact delivery times. Please check "Covid updates" at the bottom of the page and thank you for your patience as we all weather this worldwide storm.


"YoniFlower leggings are the first pair of leggings I've experienced that felt like wearing butter and were tailored to my body. I got an XL size of the yoga pants and was amazed at how comfortable they were. I got the Hydrangea Blues and the print is clear, while abstract enough to visually draw you in to explore more. I give my YoniFlower leggings an excited two thumbs up." - Brenna

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